Solar Power System

Solar Power System

In this modern world, where we have destroyed every aspect of nature for our need, nature is still giving us something to live upon. In the needs of the personal list, there comes the most necessary thing i.e., electricity. The human has exploited fossil fuels till now for the production of electricity. Fossil fuels are not only expensive but are nonrenewable. Burning fossil fuels also releases toxic gases in our atmosphere. It is the main reason for global warming, also known as the greenhouse effect. So using a solar power system for generating electricity is the best option. Fossil fuels emit gases, which increases the heat-trapping capacity of our planet. Therefore using a solar power system in all the ways is best for our earth.

Solar Power System
Solar Power System

Benefits Of Solar Power System Over Fossil Power

One can contribute to saving our planet by using solar power instead of traditional Fossil power. This will not only save our planet but will also save the money you spent on the electricity bill. Since solar power is unlimited and a renewable form of energy, this will surely power the future. One can set up a simple solar power station on the rooftops of their house. Fossil fuels are not only expensive but are nonrenewable.

Few Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Optimum Solar Power System

  1. What is your electricity requirement?
  2. Kind of appliances do you use at home or work?
  3. What is the total load of the house or commercial building?
  4. How much area do you have on the rooftop?
  5. What amount of sunlight does your roof receive?
  6. What is the direction of your house?

One cannot only rely on solar panel for the power at night, as a solar panel doesn’t produce energy in the night. For this problem, you need an inverter with solar charge enabled. The amount of battery depends upon the load of the household.

A typical solar power station with inverter should cost you around 100000 INR for 4 KW system in India. This system will be optimal for running two air conditioner unit with a power rating of 1 ton. One fridge generally of around 600 liters, LED television which is usually approximately 40 inch, four ceiling fans which are generally about 36 inches, and six fluorescent tube lights can also run on it.

Solar Power System
Solar Power System

Benefits Of Using Solar Power

  1. Unlimited supply of power.
  2. Free of cost.
  3. Doesn’t produce any harmful gases during the production of power.
  4. Uses the space which is spare, which is generally a rooftop.

Disadvantages Of Using Solar Power

  1. It cannot produce electricity on a rainy day or a cloudy day.
  2. Electricity production decreases, as the panel gets dirty.
  3. Solar station constantly requires maintenance.
  4. The batteries of the inverter tend to lose charge over time.


We should not be afraid of the disadvantages of the solar panel, as the power generated from the solar panels is clean and free. By using the power of the solar panel, no harmful gases are released into our atmosphere. By taking this small step, one can ensure a brighter future.


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