Some Famous EHS Software Companies From Around The World

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EHS software is a type of technology that helps companies track the environmental conditions in which their employees work. Such information can be critical to workplace safety and health management, as it allows employers to identify potential hazards and take corrective action before they result in injury or illness. With so many different types of EHS software available, it can be difficult for businesses to choose the best one for their needs. This article will discuss some of the most well-known EHS software companies from around the world and how they compare with each other on features such as price range, data export options, size limits per company, etc.

1. Swiss.ERP (Switzerland)

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The Swiss.ERP provides EHS software companies with solutions of everything they need to monitor not only environmental conditions but also employees and their work activities in real time. The platform is easy to use and continuously up-to-date, allowing its users to identify potential hazards so that they can prevent incidents from happening at work. In terms of features, this EHS software system offers four different packages for customers to choose from depending on the size of their company, ranging from a small business package which may be suitable for up to 50 people all the way up to a large enterprise package that can be used by organizations with more than 5000 employees. 

2. EHS Software Ltd (UK)

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EHS Software provides an EHS management system that comes with a range of features designed to provide its clients with effective solutions for managing issues related to workplace hazards. The platform allows users to keep track of incidents, manage risk assessments, send reports via email or phone, and more. There are four different price plans available for customers who need an easy-to-use package for small and medium enterprises: Lite (up to 10 employees), Standard (up to 50), Professional (up to 100), and Advanced (for companies with over 200 staff members).

3. AEON Environmental Systems Inc.(USA)

The user interface of the AEON Environmental Systems EHS software solution is designed to accommodate organizations of any size. One of the main benefits of this particular platform is that it’s highly configurable, meaning that companies can tailor it to their needs so that they can enjoy complete control over all their data. It also comes with multiple useful features such as GIS integration, customized reports, and compliance management tools. The price plans for this product start at $400 per month for up to 50 users and goes up depending on the number of people in your company who will be using this system. 

4. Qcostar (USA)

Qcostar offers customizable EHS software solutions that are easy to use and require no hardware installation or expensive updates. The software system provides features such as an incident reporting function, a text messaging system for communicating with employees within the workplace, and customizable workflows to allow managers to determine the best course of action in any given situation. There are three different price plans available: Pro (for small companies), Enterprise (for mid-sized businesses), and Unlimited (for large organizations). 

5. Cvision ERP (Canada)

The CvisionERP EHS software solution comes with several tools that help companies manage their compliance responsibilities and improve productivity at the same time. The platform can be configured depending on your needs so that you can enjoy complete control over all data collected by this program. It also offers tools such as GIS mapping, customizable workflows, and different types of reporting. The EHS software system is available in three packages: Lite (for small companies with up to 10 employees), Standard (for businesses with up to 50 people), and Advanced (for large companies). 


The software industry is booming and it’s clear that EHS Software companies are no exception. That being said, competition in the digital field can be fierce with many players vying for a piece of the pie. Some famous EHS software companies from around the world include SAP, Oracle, QlikView, Mendix, Infragistics Inc., Adobe Systems Incorporated. Which company do you think has done an amazing job at leading their customers to success? If so please let us know! We want to partner with them as well!

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