Facts About Climate Change Effects

Some Must-Know Facts About Climate Change Effects

Since 1906, from north to the south pole, our planet is getting hotter and hotter every day. The average temperature has increased over 0.9 degrees Celsius even at the coldest places on earth. Therefore, along with increasing the temperature, the risk of global warming is also raising. The overbearing heat is not good for glaciers and sea ice and this also shifting polar animals from one place to another. Global warming and climate change are somewhat different and maybe there are synonyms for each. The change of the climate describes the complex shift of our weather system. Aside from that, it also changes the wildlife population and other impacts. All of these are happening for us, human behavior. Scientists have figured out these crucial impacts of weather modification.

Some Must-Know Facts About Climate Change Effects
Some Must-Know Facts About Climate Change Effects

Facts About Weather Modification

  1. Ice is melting all over the world particularly at the earth’s poles. Moreover, glaciers at the top of the mountains, ice in the seas, West Antarctica and Greenland, and Arctic sea ice are not safe nowadays.
  2. In 1910, Montana’s Glacier National Park where 150 glaciers could be found, now the number is thinner than 30.
  3. Ice melting is the reason why seas are rising 0.13 inches (3.2 millimeters) or more in a year. And the rising of the global sea level is occurring at a faster pace.
  4. The rising temperature is affecting wildlife and their habitats. Adélie penguin in Antarctica is at risk.
  5. As the temperature is rising, creatures like butterflies, foxes, and alpine plants shifting from place to place especially to higher and cooler places.
  6. While some regions experiencing rain and snow falls frequently, some other areas experiencing severe drought. Apart from that, lost crops and drinking water shortages, risk of wildfires are now common.
  7. Creatures like mosquitoes, ticks, jellyfish, and crop pests are increasing.

Other Possible Effects That Can Take Place In Centuries

  1. By the end of this century, you will experience sea level rising past 10 and 32 inches (26 and 82 centimeters).
  2. Strong storms including Hurricanes are going to become stronger than ever. Floods and droughts are going to be common like cold and cough. A large part of the US is expecting to face a “megadroughts” by the year 2100. And this time it is going to stay a decade long or more.
  3. Freshwater will be still available but on a lesser amount. This is possible because glaciers store more than three-quarters of the world’s freshwater.
  4. Disease like malaria will increase along with the 2016 resurgence of the Zika virus.
  5. Some species are expected to move further to the north pole as the ecosystem is changing. They can either become more successful or extinct depending on the situation.
Some Must-Know Facts About Climate Change Effects
Some Must-Know Facts About Climate Change Effects


Climate change is real and it is a very serious issue and we human should start thinking about it as soon as possible. If we humans continue to carry on what we are doing including adding heat-trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, our next generations are at risk. However, this is not only because of the rising temperature. Critical weather events, increasing or decreasing of wildlife inhabitants, and habitats, rising seas, etc. work as salt to the wound.