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An Eco-Friendly Environment

An Eco-Friendly Environment: The Importance Of It

This article is about An Eco-Friendly Environment: The Importance Of It.

Urban Sprawl Becomes A Big Problem

Urban Sprawl

Urbanization may be considered as a good thing due to more house for people, which is a good counter also to the overpopulation of certain areas. However, sometimes it has a lot of undesirable effects

Disposal Methods Greatly Affect The Environment

Waste Disposal Problems

Waste, in general, has become a problem, especially in today’s society. We have created this situation, and we have to deal with it. The inefficient use of our natural resources has become a dilemma.

Deforestation Of The Amazon

Deforestation of the Amazon: The Main Reason Of Its Disappearance

The world’s rainforest, especially in the Amazon, is the planet’s respiratory system. Without these, we would have lesser oxygen concentration in the air that we breathe. Thus increasing the effects of global warming.

The Rapid Changes In The Amazon Rainforest

What To Know About The Rapid Changes in Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the last diverse ecological sites left on the planet. As different species of both plants and animals treat it as a sanctuary. If the Amazon continues to shrink, millions of animals and plants will perish, and never to be seen again.

Stop Biodiversity Loss And Save Future Generations

How To Stop Biodiversity Loss To Save Future Generations

The importance of biodiversity is inescapable for us humans. For we are deeply connected and reliant to our environment.

Global Warming Effects

Global Warming Effects: The Negative Result of An Abused Nature

Global warming is an effect of our abuse towards nature. This is just the consequences of our actions and the plunder of our natural resources.

Key To Saving Biodiversity

Environmental Protection

The protection of our environment is the most effective way to save it. Restoring damaged ecosystems and natural habitats are the start of restoring the decline of biodiversity.

Ecological Restoration Impacts Our Environment

ecological restoration

The practice of ecological restoration is a huge pavement for us humans to replenish lost and destroyed ecosystems that we have damaged and plundered.

Things To Know About Green Planet

green earth

Million of years of extreme changes. Extinctions and events create a perfect environment for us humans, but just around a hundred years of human activity is all it needs to jeopardize the planet’s ecosystem.