Top 5 Climate Change Solutions To Fight Change

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Climate change is the change in weather patterns due to global warming and human activities like cutting forests, burning fuels, etc. Just like causes, the effects of climate change are many – from rising temperatures and wildfires to health impacts and flooding. The best way to avoid the consequences of climate change is to slow or reverse the climatic change. Here are some effective climate change solutions that can be opted by individuals, societies, and the world as a whole to fight climate change.

Make Wise Of Energy

Becoming energy–efficient will not only avoid pollution but will also save money. Be energy-efficient at home by:

Climate Change Solutions To Fight Change
Top 5 Climate Change Solutions To Fight Change
  • Unplugging electrical equipment when they are not in use.
  • Using appliances labeled as ‘energy-efficient’.
  • Opting for a programmable thermostat.
  • Using renewable sources of energy or green energy.
  • Setting up a green roof and solar panel.
  • Using CFLs in place of incandescent lights.
  • Keeping home cool in summer and warm during winter without using electrical appliances.
  • Washing clothes in plain water rather than hot water.
  • Drying clothes in the air instead of using dryers.
  • Using an electric stove and not a gas stove.

Stop Cutting Trees

One of the best climate change solutions to tackle climate change is to stop cutting trees. Cutting trees contribute to a significant portion of total greenhouse gas emissions which is one of the major causes of climate change. So, forest management along with paper recycling techniques and appropriate agricultural practices can reduce emissions to a great extent. Apart from this, one should plant as many trees as possible. If you need wood or are buying wood products, make sure the wood has been harvested sustainably.

Purchase Less

Lessening your consumption needs will directly or directly lead to less fossil fuel burning. This will eventually reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, consider green shopping irrespective of the products who are buying. For instance – if you are doing grocery shopping, look for organic-certified products. Make sure to do shopping for a month to reduce the packaging and related costs. Further, if you are buying beauty and personal care products, look for products without chemicals.

Consider A Plant-Rich Diet

Raising livestock contributes to about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Also, the production of dairy as well as meat leads to more emissions than the production of plants and vegetables. Further, using fertilizes, insecticides, manure emit harmful gases in the atmosphere. Growing livestock feed and inappropriate use of land can further increase the emission count. This is why we recommend animal eaters to make a transition to a plant-based diet. If you can’t opt for vegetarianism, reduce the consumption of meat. Reserve just a day or two in a week for meat or chicken. If possible, buy organic chicken to benefit your health as well as the environment.

Reduce Food Waste 

Best Climate Change Solutions
Top 5 Climate Change Solutions To Fight Change

Every year a substantial amount of food is lost in places with poor and inadequate infrastructure. Poor packing and storing, bad transportation system, improper handling, and bad weather result in ample food wastage. Rotting of food and dumping of organic matter results in the emission of methane, a principal greenhouse gas. Hence, it is important to reduce food waste. For this purpose, improving processing, storage, and shipping infrastructure and processes are crucial. Well, some of the ways you can reduce food waste are:

  • Consume food before its expiration.
  • Preserving food.
  • Store food appropriately.
  • Shopping smarty.
  • Avoid buying in bulk except for frozen foods.
  • Keeping refrigerator clutter-free.
  • Saving leftovers and eating them afterward.
  • Composting scrap.
  • Donating leftover food to food camps or banks.

These are some of the most effective climate change solutions so as to fight climate change!

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