Understanding The Impacts Of Pollution


Every day, chances are that there will be at least one segment in a news report that talks about the situation of our planet due to pollution. There are also times when a news report covers a scenic location that gradually turns into a barren wasteland. The impacts of Pollution world seems to change a lot, and it’s for the worst.

The main culprit of those negative changes that we can see around us, is us, humans and our pollution. These negative changes around us are caused by years of neglect and disregard of nature. It seems that nature is fighting back at us. We can now say that the quality of life nowadays is a far stretch from what we have 100 years ago. Today’s situation keeps getting worse every now and then, that’s if, we don’t act and make ways on how to fix these issues.

The Pollution Itself

Importance of Understanding The Impacts Of Pollution
Importance of Understanding The Impacts Of Pollution

Pollution in all its aspects is the introduction or presence of substances that can potentially harm or poison the environment. These substances, or pollutants, are usually waste materials that come in different forms. That does not only just harm our environment, but also affects our health and the earth’s climate as well.

Pollution comes in different forms with different negative effects. Ranging from mild to even deadly to the environment it is in. Air pollution makes the quality of air very poor and deadly to all creatures that inhale it. Water pollution contaminates the water supply and bodies of water thus making life on it impossible. Pollution on the ground does not just make the ground infertile for plant life, but also deadly to whoever depends on the ground for food and sustenance.

Causes and Effects of Pollution

Importance of Understanding The Impacts Of Pollution
Importance of Understanding The Impacts Of Pollution

Here are the most common form of pollution and their corresponding effects:

Water Pollution

Pollution that is caused by the indiscriminate disposal of garbage and trash in any bodies of water. Like the rivers, streams, oceans, and lakes. Also the use of chemicals like fertilizers and insecticides that may contaminate all water sources. It does not just negatively affect all marine and aquatic life, but also all life on earth that depends on water. Consuming contaminated water may cause all kinds of illness and is the leading cause of death. Especially in some third world countries which do not have a clean water supply.

Soil Pollution

It is caused by harmful chemicals, waste products, and garbage due to human activity. Soil pollution and water pollution usually go together due to the similarities in their causes. It makes the ground unfit for plant life. And if the land cannot support proper plant life, animals and other organisms cannot flourish. That may cause mass starvation or even widespread famine and death. Other factors also are deforestation, improper disposal of industrial and domestic waste and mining operations. That severely devoid the land of the necessary nutrition needed to support life.

Air Pollution

Mostly caused by the byproducts created by consuming fossil fuel like coal and gasoline. The main culprit for this are the fumes from vehicles, factories, and even burnt garbages. Releasing of toxic gasses like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and chlorofluorocarbon will not just make the air hard to breathe in (or making it deadly). But also gradually destroys the ozone layer which causes global warming. Air pollution is also responsible for other strange yet harmful weather phenomenon like acid rain. If an organism, especially humans, is exposed to air pollution, they may get respiratory illnesses like lung cancer and eventually death

Importance of Understanding The Impacts Of Pollution
Importance of Understanding The Impacts Of Pollution


Pollution is one of the greatest man-made issues that we face today. If we continue to ignore this threat and keep doing all the things could harm the environment, we will be the reason why all life on this planet, including us, will become extinct in the near future.

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