What Is Biodiversity and its Importance

What Is Biodiversity And Why It Is Important

Earth is a special planet as it is so far the only planet discovered where living beings live. This Earth is home to billions of animals and millions of trees. Thus, this world supports the wide species of plants and animals, and together, we all live in Biodiversity which is living for millions and millions of years.

What Is Biodiversity And Why It Is Important
What Is Biodiversity And Why It Is Important

What Is Biodiversity

In simple terms, Biodiversity refers to all the animals, trees, and ecological system living together. Therefore, it is the variety of species that live their life in this world. Biological diversity comprises of all living things as well as their habitat, which includes plants, animals, microorganisms, and ecosystems.

Biological diversity also refers to the ecosystem that lives in a particular region. It also means the total natural resources that are available to human beings. In other words, its the specific area which comprises of animals, plants and other living creatures living over millions of years.

In a biological diversity, every species, irrespective of being small or large plays a vital role in its survival. Thus, even the absence of a microorganism living in a particular ecosystem can lead to the destruction of that entire biological diversity. This is because all the living beings living in that area form an ecological cycle where every individual species is dependent on another for their survival. Thus, healthy biodiversity means that all the species are living a good life together which means helping others directly or indirectly to lead a good living as well.

What Is Biodiversity And Why It Is Important
What Is Biodiversity And Why It Is Important

Types Of Biodiversity

There are four types of biological diversity. They are-

1- Genetic- This is a diversity which comprises of living beings that live in relation to genes. In other words, animals and plants with the same genes live in this type of biodiversity.

2- Ecosystem- This is a diversity in which an entire ecosystem lives. In other words, in this type of diversity, a particular type of plants and animals live.

3- Molecular- This is a diversity in which two ecosystems merge and live together. In other words in this diversity, two small biological diversities live together.

4- Species- This is a type of diversity in which different species of animals and plants live together.

Facts About Biological Diversity

1- Biological Diversity is not equal in its composition, and it varies from region to region.

2- Various factors influencing a particular biological diversity of a region are – soil, altitude, precipitation, temperature, which determines how each species cope up with them.

3- The number of biological diversity increases as one move from polar regions towards the equator which means there is less biological diversity in polar regions and more as we come close to the equator.

4- Biological Diversity is the result of Earth’s continuous evolution for 3.5 billion years which means biological diversity is present since a very long time.

5- Many of these diversities are on the verge of extinction which humans are to blame. These human beings, because of their growth and development are destroying the ecological balance.


Following are the essence of Biodiversity-

1- Maintenance of balance in the ecosystem which biological diversities maintain through its survival.

2- Allowing all species to grow and evolve which the biological diversity achieves by creating a proper habitat for all living beings.

3- Controlling pollution of the Earth

4- Protection of soil from erosion

5- Maintaining ecological balance and water resources

6- Source of thousands of natural medicines and hers which cures threatening diseases like cancer and diabetes

7-Promotes tourism which develops the wealth of nation, This, in turn, helps in better survival of human beings.

8- Is the only source of Food for human beings and without it they cannot survive.

Biodiversity is the most critical factor why living beings continue to live their lives on this planet Earth. Therefore, we, as human beings should protect this diversity from having a good future for our upcoming generations as well which will help the earth to live a good life in the future as well.