What is Cardboard Recycling

What is Cardboard Recycling: A Brief Guide For The Beginners

There are many small, medium, and large scale businesses that save a lot of money through recycling cardboard since they can reduce waste disposal. Also, people know cardboard as corrugated cardboard. This is a material that is most popular among the packing materials we have and it is recyclable.

What is Cardboard Recycling: A Brief Guide For The Beginners
What is Cardboard Recycling: A Brief Guide For The Beginners

What Is Cardboard Recycling?

Cardboard recycling refers to the process where reprocessing of thick sheets happens. These are the multilayered papers that are stiff and are used, regarded as waste, and disposed of. Cardboard boxes and sheets are thick and heavy-duty sheets. However, they are famous among the common mass for their hardness and durability. Some of the examples for cardboard include cereal boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons, and packaging boxes.

All About Cardboard Recycling

Recycling is the process that helps us by saving the environment from deterioration. Furthermore, it helps in reducing pollution along with conserving valuable resources. More than anything recycling offers a lot of jobs. Cardboard recycling is mainly aimed at keeping our environment green and clean. Cardboard recycling is a step-by-step process and let’s look into the steps involved in cardboard recycling.

Collection Of Cardboards

You have to do this as the first step to recycle cardboard. Here, business or the recyclers should collect cardboard waste from cardboard collection points. Some of the cardboard collection points include commercial outlets, scrap yards, stores, and trash bins. After collecting, this cardboard waste should be measured. Then in the later stage then should be hauled to the proper recycling facilities. However, in most of the cases, paper mills are the points that perform the recycling process of the cardboards.

Sorting For Cardboard Recycling

After collection at a point, cardboard waste should be sorted. This is based on the material at the recycling facility. In the majority of the cases, we can sort them into 2 main categories. One is corrugated cardboard and other is boxboard. Then you can proceed for further steps.

Shredding and Pulping

After sorting, the collected cardboard waste should undergo shredding following by pulping. Through shredding, cardboard waste will be broken down into minute pieces. Then, the recyclers mix water and required chemicals with it to make a slurry substance. This process is known as pulping.


The slurry from the previous step will undergo a filtering process and this helps in the removal of foreign materials from the mixture. Then comes the key phase of the whole process: recycling of cardboards.

Recycling Of Cardboard

Now pulp should be mixed with new production material and it is kept for drying. After drying, the recyclers create long rolls of it. People call these long rolls as linerboards. However, these linerboards help to make common cardboards. One needs to combine them for producing it.

Benefits Of Cardboard Recycling

There are many benefits to . Most importantly through cardboard recycling, we can achieve environmental conservation since we use the same material again. We can easily decrease the dumping of cardboard waste. Since cardboard materials are biodegradable, we can also reduce environmental footprint.

Through recycling the cardboards, we can also promote the utilization of renewable materials. More than this, cardboard also helps in saving a lot of energy.

What is Cardboard Recycling: A Brief Guide For The Beginners
What is Cardboard Recycling: A Brief Guide For The Beginners

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of the material or object recycling is always good for the planet. Also, through recycling, we can conserve our resources. Along with that we can also reduce pollution and create jobs. Every business should start recycling being part of this environment and to serve their social responsibilities.

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