What Is Ecology And How Does It Work?


What is ecology and how does it work? Ecology, in its true essence, is a branch of biology that deals with the interactions among organism and also how they interact with their environment. This study addresses and deals the entirety of life, from the microscopic life forms such as bacteria to pretty much planet-wide processes. Ecology consists of and the study of a lot of relations among species. Without ecology, we wouldn’t be able to tell how our actions can affect our environment, may it be small-scale or something big, and how we can conserve energy.

Ecology is also responsible in giving us predictions, how we do to our environment can be destructive, like how we can determine why there is lesser fish on the ocean today compared to what we have 20 years ago. Why a lot of species gets extinct every year due to deforestation. How wastewater from mining can make the land infertile, and so much more. With ecology, we can make measures on saving our planet.

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How Does Ecology Works?

What Is Ecology And How Does It Work?
What Is Ecology And How Does It Work?

Ecology works in a lot of ways, as long as there are interactions between species of life form. May it be animals, plants, bacteria and so on. They can determine how diverse the species of animals and plants in a given area are. How many people of different ethnicity in a given country. How can one species lead to the extinction of another species in a given location by studying all the factors that affect this particular issue or question? Basically what ecologists look for is the chain reaction of cause and effect events within the environment.

Ecology Has 5 Types

  • Molecular Ecology – At this very basic level, ecology focuses on the production of proteins, and how this affects the organism and the environment it is in. This also studies on how this protein affects the production of other kinds of proteins.
  • Organismal Ecology – This deals with the relationship between each particular organism, may it be a bacteria to a human being. And also how they interact and affect the environment they are in. They also study how particular behaviors and the environment affect their evolution.
  • Population Ecology – This ecology centers itself on a particular group of organisms under the same species. And how they interact with each other, other population of organisms, and their surroundings. This is the reason why particular organisms go extinct on their population.
  • Community Ecology – Different populations that live and interacts with each other tends to create communities, like a particular biome. For instance, studying the entire ecology of a particular country.
  • Ecosystem Ecology – The largest type of ecology which studies the entirety of all relations between all populations and communities of organisms within the biosphere (the largest kind of ecosystem), from the basic interactions between unicellular organisms to the entire population of a planet.

With these, ecology helps us known all the interactions that had happened, is currently happening and is about to happen. Ecology also serves as a backbone to other branches of science like biology and others.

Importance of Ecology

What Is Ecology And How Does It Work?
What Is Ecology And How Does It Work?

Ecology studies the environmental relations, which also includes us, humans. By utilizing and carefully using all the principles of ecology, we can easily predict environmental issues like climate change and extinction of species and prevent the adverse effects of either man-made or environmental factors in the whole environment.  

What Is Ecology And How Does It Work?
What Is Ecology And How Does It Work?


Ecology is essential in understanding everything around us. Ecology becomes synonymous with nature and the environment. As the most dominant of all creatures on earth with the capability of complex thoughts and terraforming the land to our convenience. We humans should know the importance of ecology not just on how things around us work with each other, but also to provide a much better insight of possible future issues that we can avoid, and innovations that can make our lives better.

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