What Is The Environmental News Service

environment news service

The Environmental News Service, also known as ENS, is a non-profit independent news media organization that provides original in-depth news reports on environmental topics. Launched in January 1990, ENS operates by dedicated staff and relies on donations and public support. The organization strives to be completely objective while maintaining a strong international presence. The ENS was named after the Environmental News Service (ENS) newsletter that started publication in April 1970.

Aim Of Environmental News Service

Environmental News

The aim of the ENS is to provide fact-based news presented without bias. In many ways, the newsletter attempts to be a fact-checking service while also promoting a variety of viewpoints. For example, rather than providing a long-winded review of a particular product or environmental issue, the correspondents strive to provide timely, informative, and interesting overviews. A fact-checker at the ENS might point out that, although the review may be factual, the report could be misleading due to a lack of overall understanding. By providing this additional piece of information, the readers can then make their own judgments, making the piece more helpful and relevant.

Through an exclusive partnership with The Washington Post, the environmental news service has gained a solid reputation for obtaining and publishing world class exclusive original news stories from around the globe. In fact, The Washington Post has repeatedly called the ENS “a powerful, cutting-edge, nonprofit media organization.” As an independent nonprofit membership organization, the ENS cannot receive funding from either the government or corporations. Therefore, unlike many of its sister organizations, The Washington Post co-sponsored the founding of the Environmental News Service. The organization now works with leading newspapers throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

Role Of Environmental News Service

Environmental News

The Environmental News Service has made great strides in improving its image and reputation since it was founded. The ENS now publishes a fourteenth edition of its original International Daily Wire Service (IDSW). The new International Daily Wire Service offers members of the public more options than ever when searching for original news. Through a partnership with Microsoft’s Bing, the ENS is able to add news to its web site with relative ease. With the addition of a great many experts on the front lines of environmental and energy issues, as well as local and state agencies, the IDSW has become even more relevant and accessible to environmental news and information seekers.

Although the ENS was not established to replace the IDSW, it does intend to serve as an effective and convenient companion. Through the IDSW, readers are able to search for specific topics or terms. However, the IDSW provides the INS with links and resources that are tailored specifically to it. In essence, the IDSW and the ENS work together to provide the world with environmental information, breaking news and promoting a positive voice for environmental action.

Explore More About ENS

As part of the commitment to environmental responsibility, The Environmental News Service seeks to publish news that is both relevant and important. For this purpose, the IDSW continually adds new articles to its website. These new articles are posted in addition to the existing content and are aimed at providing readers with the latest and most meaningful environmental information available. In addition to posting the newest IDSW articles, The Environmental News Service also publishes a number of interesting videos that provide additional perspectives on a variety of environmental topics. Many of the videos are designed to educate, while others are intended to entertain.

Another way in which The Environmental News Service seeks to influence society is by encouraging organizations to take action in a number of ways. One way in which this service intends to persuade people is through the implementation of an emergency stop order. An emergency stop order, commonly referred to as an EOS, authorizes a designated official to take necessary action, if needed, to protect the environment. In other words, the EOS would allow b.o.s.s. operators to suspend operations, when necessary, in order to prevent or protect the environment.

Final Thoughts

The IDSW is committed to monitoring the activities of all those who utilize IDSW services. All EODs, including emergency stop orders, must be submitted to the service in writing. You will need to provide your name, address and phone number. When submitting your submission, remember to indicate the full name of the authorized person to whom the order will be given. The Environmental News Service is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any information you post on their website. The purpose of this article is only to provide a general overview of The Environmental News Service.

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