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National Geographic is one of the largest science and adventure magazines in the world. It is also a popular travel magazine with world coverage. One of its many special features is its weather section which features a weather report for the entire country every month. As you can imagine, being able to read the forecast for your own state or country is interesting and educational. Here are some of the most recent National Geographic climate change reports.

The report highlights the ongoing effects of global warming. Although the slowdown so far may be a result of political pressure, scientists are alarmed by the slow rate of climate change. In fact, it took the previous century and a half for the planet to reach the level of warming we’re currently at. Global warming is considered one of the most serious environmental issues of our time because it threatens the stability of the planet. The report notes that four out of five glaciers are melting at rapid rates. About 1.6 trillion people – nearly half the population – are expected to live in areas affected by climate change.

National Geographic Environment News

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National Geographic’s climate change page offers up some fascinating details about the changing weather in various parts of the country. For example, spring temperatures have been reported to be warmer than normal. Snowfall has increased, but storms are becoming more severe as the weather becomes more volatile. Extreme heatwaves have become more common. A particularly intense storm that hit Chicago last year is being linked with the rapid spread of a deadly heatwave.

Global warming and climate change aren’t the only things that interest readers in National Geographic’s weather section. They also report on the state of conservation practices in various countries. In the United States, for instance, the report notes that deer populations have decreased due to the growing human population. The increasing numbers of birds and other animals are causing ecological concerns in several states, particularly those that have seen a large amount of deer hunting over the past few years.

National Geographic also offers up some environmental news related to travel. The magazine noted that last year saw a record number of people visit the Grand Canyon. While many of them did not go on to take part in the controversial adventure, some did. The report noted that this was largely due to the fact that air tickets cost less and flights were easier to book, due to an improved economy.

A Much Ado

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As mentioned above, global warming and climate change are major topics covered by National Geographic. Other popular content includes nature photography, which has produced some incredible images. National Geographic Traveler has even published “Best of Adventure: 50 Places” which highlights different sites around the world that people visit. These include popular destinations like Costa Rica and Thailand. This issue also features a number of different travel guides, many of which focus on specific regions of the world. It discusses everything from how to plan a trip to avoid getting lost to tips on how to get the most out of a particular place.

National Geographic also publishes a special section of the magazine that features environmental stories based on scientific research. This content deals with everything from recycling programs to pollution control. While some of the content is completely speculative, others give clear clues as to how our world is changing. For example, one story highlights how changing temperatures are affecting trees in Costa Rica.

Bottom Line

National Geographic produces a number of unique videos that give readers a look at what the future might bring. Some of these videos feature scientists, who often give brief interviews about their research. Others feature characters from the National Geographic TV show. National Geographic even has an online feature that lets readers comment on any piece of content, which helps draw more attention to important issues.

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