Shifting To Green Power More Beneficial

green power

Nowadays, with the ongoing dilemma of our main energy source being not renewable. Green power describes electricity produced from renewable sources that are less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels. We are now looking for ways and sources on how we can acquire energy sources. That is both renewable and clean at the same time. With our current sources of energy, it is difficult to get the balance of having sufficient energy. For our day to day use without harming the environment. That sometimes we prioritize the demand for energy needed to fuel our civilization while tossing aside the dangers it can do to the environment.

Although we have alternatives available today due to the advances in our technology, sometimes it is more efficient to stick to the old ways. For the reason that they are efficient, and since they already existed, tested and proven for efficiency. We tend to just develop them more and not to focus on other sources of energy for practicality. Sometimes, this practicality has dire consequences that might even cause the collapse of our civilization in the future.

A Renewable Energy

Why Shifting To Green Power Is More Beneficial?
Why Shifting To Green Power Is More Beneficial?

So what is green power? Green power, or also goes by the name “clean power”. It is a subset of renewable energy that represents those clean power sources, technologies and innovations that have the least negative impact on the environment. These energy sources include solar-wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and biogas. Such as methane that provides very little impact to the environment, thus helps in the preservation of nature while providing renewable to a near-unlimited source of energy.

Benefits of Green Power

Why Shifting To Green Power Is More Beneficial?
Why Shifting To Green Power Is More Beneficial?

Green power will be the future of energy acquisition and resource due to its zero-emission profile and no carbon footprint benefits. It is also more practical to use and will cost fewer resources compared to conventional power sources like combustion of fossil fuel and coal. Also helps in the diversification of energy supply due to the many ways green power can acquire energy. And eliminates our reliance and dependence to only a few energy sources such as fossil fuel for energy or nuclear energy as well.

In a more personal sense, using green power to supply energy and power to your homes eliminates the reliance on power supply companies. Which will make you save more money and only think about the maintenance cost of it. It also helps in the industry and economy by opening new fields of expertise. Thus increasing the demand for people who are experts in that field.

Examples of Green Power

Why Shifting To Green Power Is More Beneficial?
Why Shifting To Green Power Is More Beneficial?

Renewable energy can be acquired from a lot of sources, Here are the most common ones:

  • Solar energy – the most common source of green energy that anyone can install in their homes. To serve as a  practical alternative than relying on power companies for power consumption.
  • Wind energy – can be acquired using windmills and wind turbines. One of the oldest ways of harnessing wind energy and transforming it to either mechanical or electrical energy.
  • Geothermal energy – using the heat coming from beneath the earth’s surface up to miles deeper to turn water into steam. Which propels turbines and turns it to electrical energy.
  • Biogas – gasses such as methane are used instead of traditional fuel such as fossil fuel and coal. Methane provides very little byproducts when used and burns completely, making it an efficient and safe way of acquiring energy.  
  • Low-impact hydroelectric energy – this uses the force of flowing water, such as rivers or streams, in generating electricity.
  • New and developing technologies like harnessing tidal waves as a source of power and others
Why Shifting To Green Power Is More Beneficial?
Why Shifting To Green Power Is More Beneficial?


There are so many reasons why one should switch to green power. Or better yet, why all of humanity should change to green power. This will give us more power while keeping the environment clean (because, of course, green power sources are from the environment and jeopardizing it will also severely affect our power consumption). Making this option as the great solution that we can do to combat the ever-worsening issues that we have. Especially about not having enough power, unemployment, inflation, and pollution.