Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With

water pollution

Our planet is basically a sphere of water, it is essential to every life. Humans, animals, plants and other living organism need water to survive. Water is a resource necessary for life. Without it, life on earth will definitely end. With this in mind, people still do not take care of our sources of water. People still contaminate, pollute and defile bodies of water. Thus water pollution has become a problem.

Since the advancement of technology and industrialization of cities, we have damaged our bodies of water. Acquiring through dangerous compounds and pollutants that our machines, establishments, and factories emit. Consequently, these actions have contaminated and polluted our water sources, affecting our supply of clean and potable water.

Each Type of Water Infection

Why Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With
Why Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With

As there are many forms of water pollutants, there are also many types of water infection. Each type has different sources which needs different solutions to solve.

Here are the types of water infection:

  • Surface water  – surface water is our source of drinkable water. Contamination of these bodies of water reduces our supply of clean water.
  • Microbiological  – caused by bacteria and may be harmful to aquatic creatures.
  • Oxygen depletion  – Pollution of microorganisms in the water cause oxygen usage to a higher rate. Making oxygen-depleted, killing these organisms.
  • Nutrient tainting – Fertilizers and other substances that contain large quantities of nutrients may convert water undrinkable. Likewise, too much oxygen in the water can cause tainting.
  • Suspended matter – Some pollutants and substances are not easily dissolved, these substances submerge and affect the organisms below the ocean.
  • Chemical – Industries and infrastructures emit chemicals to the sea or rivers contaminating through hazardous compounds

Major Causes of Water Abuse

Why Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With
Why Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With

Most of the causes of water pollution are chemicals and substances that we humans are responsible for. Pollutants and wastes dumped on our waters, contaminating and polluting our sources of clean water. Below are causes of pollutants affecting our bodies of water:

  • Oil misuse – Oil spills are common and are a big reason for water misuse of seas and oceans.
  • Dumping – Trash, wastes, and littering is one of the general causes of water soiling.
  • Industrial wastes – Pollutants from infrastructures and manufacturers, chemicals.
  • Sewage water – Human garbage, waste, agricultural chemicals all drop on the sewage going directly to our seas and oceans.
  • Eutrophication – Is an increased in nutrient levels, producing algae and depleting oxygen.
  • Global warming – Increase in water temperature killing marine life.

Effects of Water Pollution

Why Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With
Why Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With

Water is a necessity for all living being to live, access to clean and potable water is important to survive. Water pollution takes away clean and drinkable water. As a result, the death of aquatic creatures, destruction of ecosystems, disruption of food-cycle and causes diseases. These are some of the effects of water pollution, which greatly affects the life from humans to animals and plant. Consequently, this proves that water pollution should be avoided through any means.

How To Reduce Water Pollution?

Why Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With
Why Water Pollution Must Be Dealt With

One does not need a reason to know that water abuse should reduce. As a person, anyone or anybody can reduce and help prevent water abuse. You can simply help by segregating trash, recycling and reusing oil. Products that are chemically based should also be avoided, buying Eco-friendly products are a great help to reduce water abuse.

Generally, people can reduce water pollution by using water wisely. Reducing the amount of water usage is a great way to help the cause. It may be simple, but it is also the prevention of water shortage. Another way is to use sewage treatment processes for our city waterways.


As we all know water is a primary need for humans, animals and plants alike. Water is necessary for us to survive. Though we may think that we have an abundant supply of water, this is not the case, most of our water is not potable. Water pollution is a large scale problem that is happening worldwide. Bodies of water contaminated due to the progress and industrialization of civilization, causing our waters to be undrinkable and dirty.

Water pollution greatly affects every life, especially aquatic and marine life. As long as we continue to pollute our waters, we will eventually suffer the consequences of our actions through disrupting in our food cycle and diseases. To avoid these consequences we should act up and be aware of our actions that lead to the destruction of our environment and bodies of water.

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